In production

  • Nina's Children

    After Anschluss in the summer of 1938, twenty-one Jewish children come from Vienna to Oslo for summer camp. When the parents are offered to let the kids stay, half of them accept. Those children who return, perish in the concentration camps. Child psychologist and communist Nina Hasvold undertakes to manage a Jewish children's home in Oslo. Production company is Gründer Film AS.


    Sound and picture post-production at Shortcut Oslo.

  • Dag 4

    The 4th season of Norwegian comedy series Dag is currently in production. Dag is a marriage counselor who think people should live in solitude. He hates spending time with other people, except from his friend Benedict who is struggling to be faithful in his own relationship. Production company is Kamerakameratene.


    Picture post-production at Shortcut Oslo. Expected TV release winter 2015/2016.

  • Julekongen - Full rustning

    In English: Valley of Knights: Mira's Magical Christmas. Evil reigns in the Ridderdalen Valley, and Christmas is cancelled. Only the Gran family is capable of saving the holidays. Unfortunately. This is a full feature comedy based on the successful Christmas Calendar series from NRK.


    Sound and picture post-production at Shortcut Oslo.

  • Solan og Ludvig - Herfra til Flåklypa

    Reodor Felgen's home and workshop are in peril after Solan has boasted and gambled in drunken company. A nerve-wrecking race with various vessels across Flaaklypa's highest peak will decide if Solan, Ludvig and Reodor still retain their home at the end of the story.


    Sound and picture post-production at Shortcut Oslo.